Online Seller Cruise Reviews

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“So excited to attend The Online Sellers Cruise coming in January!! I’ve heard wonderful things about it from others that have attended in the past. I’m looking forward for the opportunity to network with some amazing speakers and influencers while having fun! The Local Wizards of Amazon Meetup Group is full of very experienced resellers that are always ready to share their knowledge with everyone. It’s such a fantastic group that I can only imagine how awesome this event is going to be!!! Can’t wait!!”

Cindy Perez

During our last meetup Carlos announced next year’s cruise which this time will be organized by himself. We have never attended to a Wizards of Amazon cruise but we have had very positive feedback, therefore, my husband Marcello and I, intend to participate to the one taking place in January next year. We have no doubt, it will be awesome to network, continue learning, have fun and visit other places. Who could ask for more and better yet at such an affordable price!
Gabriella & Marcello

“Carlos’ Amazon FBA meetups are truly exceptional. Every meetup is a masterclass and provides value for both beginners and experts. They are well run, the presented content is always top notch and networking with the community that attends is fun and enriching. I have no doubt that the Amazon Seller Cruise is going to be a great experience.

Tim Hoyt

“I been in many Meet-ups and evening networking events. Those events are amazing, you get to learn so much about online / amazon business. You get to meet so many like minded people. This is not just random event, this a community that support you and provide you with all necessary tools and knowledge to succeed. I’m very fortunate and grateful to be part of this. ???

Aleksejs Leal

“I am frequently going to WOA meet ups, I must confess that I am impressed by the good energy, the content quality but mainly by Carlos generosity! I will definitely join the cruise. Michael Le Duc

! ? ?”
Michael De Luc

“A few years ago in my pursuit of information I came across Carlos’s meetup groups. His has been an unvarnished wealth of accurate information that has help me move to the next level in selling. I should also mention Carlos is generous, kind and knowledgeable in just about every space on the Amazon biosphere. I’m looking forward to upcoming Cruise. I’m sure it will be one of the rare occasions where I will have a ton of fun and and grow as a Amazon Seller. Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon<br />

“I have attended Carlos’ Amazon seller Meetups for over two years now and his ability to communicate content, make you feel involved and put on an exciting event is unparalleled. I have no doubt this cruise is going to be epic. ??”

Michael Bond<br />

“Carlos always puts together an organized and well marketed event. Whether it be one of the nine local Meetups per month he hosts or the now famous twice a year product sourcing trip in Guangzhou, China at the Canton Fair.”

Elaine Pons<br />

“Shameless plug for my husband who gives his all when creating these events. Nothing but positive feedback from everyone I have ever spoke to. No doubt it will be a huge win for everyone’s business that joins us as well as a great deal of fun. I look forward to seeing you all on the cruise.”
Giselle Yannelli<br />

“I founded this cruise four years ago and am excited to it get bigger and more exciting each and every year.  ??”

Alex Mut

“I look forward to the Online Seller Cruise every year. Carlos hosts amazing events so I am sure this one will be epic. Lots of learning, fun and networking,…oh, and excursions :)
Cristina Mut<br />

“My wife and I just booked our 5th Online Seller Cruise. I met Carlos on the 4th cruise and since I live in NH and cannot attend his Amazon Meetup group in South Florida, I am really looking forward to taking advantage of the activities he is planning.”