Event Starts February 5, 2022. Can’t Travel? Virtual Tickets Available.

Get Your Virtual Ticket to the

Online Seller Cruise

Was the timing or the venue not right for you? Don’t worry, there is still a way for you to experience the speakers, the sessions, and all the information you need from the Online Seller Cruise. We are pleased to offer you access via a virtual ticket.

What is a Virtual Ticket?

The Online Seller Cruise virtual ticket is an affordable way to get full access to the recordings of every session. This means you can hear what the keynote speakers had to say, view the workshop sessions, and learn from the Q&As. Each recording is optimized to be stopped, paused, and played back on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

But that’s not all.

All-access Online Seller Cruise ticket holders automatically receive a virtual ticket. This means all virtual ticket holders can interact with guests of the cruise through our powerful networking group Wizards of Amazon – the largest Meetup group of its kind in America.

Reasons to Purchase a Virtual Ticket

Not sure if a virtual ticket is right for you? Here are some great reasons to buy one:

  • The knowledge guests of the cruise receive gives them an edge over their competition. A virtual ticket gives you that same access to learn the latest news, products, and advantages in e-commerce.
  • Our virtual ticket is a fraction of the cost of the Online Seller Cruise. You get all the benefits of the speaker sessions and workshops without the cost of travel. No bags to pack, no passport to find, no flights to book! Enjoy every session from the comfort of your home.
  • Watch them again, and again. You can watch the sessions as many times as you like for the duration (18 months) that they are online.
  • Gain access to our Wizards of Amazon community and stay connected to the people that can help grow your brand.

How a Virtual Ticket Works

One of the best ways to grow your business is to learn from the expertise of others. Our speakers and workshop leaders are at the top of their game and are excited to share what they have learned from their years in business. By engaging in these sessions, you can build stronger business relationships, refine your processes, and earn better profits.


Your virtual ticket lets you:

  • Watch: Log in using an ID and password to gain access to all of the sessions and workshops. Access does not expire until 18 months after the sessions are posted.
  • Listen: In addition to video, you will receive audio files so you can listen to the sessions when walking, working out, or relaxing at home.
  • Network: Engage with Online Seller Cruise guests and other ticket holders through our powerfully connected Wizards of Amazon group. Learn from and talk to others that are also new, experienced, or emerging sellers.
  • Engage: You are busy. You are working. But you still want to learn more so you can grow your business. The virtual ticket allows you to learn and engage with the e-commerce community at a pace and time that is right for you. With just over a year of virtual access, you have the time you need.

Virtual Ticket Facts – The Overview of What You Need to Know

What is the advantage of a virtual ticket?

The Online Seller Cruise virtual ticket is your pass to every recording from every session and workshop that took place during the event. It also provides access to interact with the Wizards of Amazon group, which is the largest Meetup of Amazon Marketplace sellers in America.


Who should get a virtual ticket?

All-access ticket holders from the cruise receive a virtual ticket automatically. Those that did not attend the cruise but wish to hear what the speakers had to say and what the workshops offered should purchase a virtual ticket. Those that purchased standard cruise tickets and want to hear the sessions again can also purchase a pass.


Where and When Does the Ticket Work?

It works on any device. Recordings can be played, paused, stopped, played back, and re-watched for 18 months. Access is granted within days of the end of the event.


Why is the Online Seller Cruise offering Virtual Tickets?

We understand that not everyone can attend the cruise, and that many of those that were guests on the ship want further access to the things they learned. The virtual ticket ensures everyone gets the value they need from the sessions and workshops, whether you were on the cruise or not.


How to Get a Virtual Ticket

After completing your purchase online, we will send instructions via email regarding your exclusive virtual access.


How Much is a Virtual Ticket?

A virtual ticket gives you full access to the information you need without having to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and pay for the cost of the cruise. You can enjoy all the benefits of the speaker sessions and workshops for just $amt needed.

What if I’m Unhappy with my Purchase?

We are sure you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. So sure, in fact, that we offer a money-back guarantee. Receive a full refund if you cancel your subscription within two days of purchase. This is a hassle-free money back guarantee. No gimmicks and no hard sell. We will cancel your access and provide a refund promptly.


What is the True Value of a Virtual Ticket?

What you learn in the sessions – even if it is just one or two concepts that you choose to apply to your company – can radically change your business. Engage in these sessions and expect to earn back the price of the ticket many times over in revenue, knowledge, and better business practices.


    Why not live stream the sessions instead of offering a virtual ticket?

    By choosing to offer virtual tickets instead of live streaming the sessions, we can help keep the fare of the the cruise lower. Additionally, recorded sessions are edited and available for 18 months after the event so you can watch them at your convenience.


    How long are the sessions?
    They are approximately 45 minutes long.


    Won’t I miss out on the interaction?
    Your virtual ticket gives you access to the Wizards of Amazon group where you can interact, ask questions, and meet other sellers online.


    Why can’t I buy a ticket to a single session instead?
    Why have a crumb when you can have the whole cake? The value of a single session is not diminished by having access to them all. With months of time to watch every session, we feel the best value is access to the full package. Therefore, we are not offering single session prices for virtual tickets.


    I don’t have an all-access pass and I’m going on the cruise. Can I still get a virtual ticket?
    Yes. While a virtual ticket is included in the all-access pass, those that have standard passes can still purchase a virtual ticket separately.